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Linguistics nut. Living memoir. Lost and found.

Because I’m done with taking what I can get

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There’s something enchanting about beautiful bras. All those patterns, laces, and rice paper-thin fabrics. All those colors and straps. Lingerie is a fantasy world unto itself, and any woman who wears a decked out bra must feel like a goddess.

I myself wouldn’t know. With a 28" ribcage and AA cup, any bra in my size is more like a unicorn than a commodity, and bra shopping is nothing short of a quest. If I’m part of the fantasy, I like to think of myself more as the peasant-hero in this equation.

I’ve never really minded being part of the…

And how I learned to listen to my instincts, instead of suppressing them

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I used to believe I was creep magnet — certified platinum, against my wishes.

When I was 15, a man trailed me six subway stops and a 20-minute walk all the way to a Christmas Eve church service. Despite being freaked out, I excused it as a coincidence because I didn’t want to “overreact.”

When I was 18, I was pursued by a sociopath who thought his tuition fees justified his stealing from the university convenience store. …

Self-compassion and love led me through the challenges of race, culture and identity

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I couldn’t stand the church girls.

“Hate is a strong word,” I could hear the voice of my childhood Sunday school teacher cautioning me in an echo from the distant past. So I stuck to couldn’t stand.

I was and am a church-goer myself. I was there every Sunday, watching these girls swan down the aisle to their go-to pew, greeting the other university students on the way like pageant queens gracing commoners.

At least, that’s how I saw it.

I walked back to the dorms with them once — maybe it all started that damp Scottish night, when the…

Ideation requires divergent thinking

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I’ve had the good fortune to sidestep the corporate ladder throughout most of my career.

Nevertheless, my preference for nontraditional roles has still provided numerous opportunities to work closely with a number of entrepreneurs and CEOs. My first few jobs fresh out of university were with startups; small team size meant I was in natural proximity to founders, privy to meetings that would have otherwise been above my pay grade.

I didn’t have much industry experience or technical knowledge, and at first I was cast into the role of the token girl in tech, getting shopped out to model products…

Joni Abigail

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